Dixie County Artificial Reefs

The Dixie County Artificial Reef Development Agency (DCARDA) has been in existence since February 10, 2010.  DCARDA is a nonprofit organization under the Dixie County Board of County Commissioners, being managed by dedicated volunteers.

Since July 18, 2013, DCARDA has put down 18 artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Each time there is a deployment, DCARDA answers to 6 different Federal and State agencies: NOAA, FWC, USACOE, US Coast Guard, DEP and the National Marine Fisheries.

DCARDA is a strong supporter of Dixie County; especially the youth of Dixie County.   We strive to deploy artificial reefs so future generations can enjoy!

You can send your questions to fornaciari1945@gmail.com or clstemple@att.net

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Ms. Cheyenne Stemple
Dixie County Artificial Reef Ambassador

Mr. Wyatt Higginbotham
Dixie County Artificial Reef Ambassador

Natural Reefs & Other Natural Topography Features



Where the Suwannee River, the Steinhatchee River and a National Wildlife Refuge
meet the Hidden Coast on the Gulf of Mexico


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